For October 2022, our employee of the month award goes to production lead Gary Como. Gary has shown the sales team how to build trusted relationships by ensuring each and every order is manufactured in a timely manner. Demonstrating how to lead by example, Gary navigates challenging phone conversations between various sales team members and ALWAYS has a smile on his face and get s*** done attitude.  

Gary has learned to overcome the challenges with tray cable and the different operating systems. He reviews the tray cable tracker daily, to ensure orders are manufactured to spec and meeting the customers’ expectations. Gary has demonstrated his commitment to winning together. 

Gary has crushed his new leadership role in production. He works cross functionally between various departments putting in 10-12 hour days and never once complains.  

All of Gary’s contributions embody the Kris-Tech way! 

Honorable mentions go to Katie Warner, Sabrina Livermore, and Jon Gifford