Life is all about balance.  

For most people, balance means finding ways to improve every day while making time to give back to others needing a leg up. It’s about making yourself and those around you one percent better. 

We call it the Kris-Tech Way. 

Many people at Kris-Tech fit the mold, especially for doing their job well. But, this month, one person has gone above and beyond to show what it means to live the KT Way daily. And for that, they’ve earned the honor and distinction of being our Employee of the Month. 

That person is… Northeast Customer Service Specialist Kelsey Corrigan!

Dedicated to Excellence 

One of Kelsey’s roles is serving as a liaison between sales and production. 

That means ensuring orders are entered into the system accurately and quickly, keeping the company moving forward and meeting customer deadlines. 

“Kelsey’s dedication to excellence shines through as she adeptly manages numerous stock orders for our customers across the Northeast,” VP of Sales Kris McCarty said. “She ensures high-quality order entry and collaborates with operations to minimize errors. Her order entry rate has increased significantly, but she remains focused on reducing the overall order entry error rate to enhance customer satisfaction and decrease CSS/Sales RMAs.” 

Her dedication to getting things right, internally and externally, directly leads to better customer relationships and a smoother ordering experience.

Expanding Beyond Her Role 

It’s often said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

This is especially true for Kelsey, who uses her ability and experience at Kris-Tech to coach others and show them how our processes work. 

“While prioritizing her learning and development, Kelsey generously shares her expertise by training the new Telecommunications Sales Manager and inside sales representative on our ERP system and internal processes,” McCarty explained. 

And her dedication to improvement doesn’t end with those inside the KT bubble. Customers need just as much support, if not more, and Kelsey excels at keeping them in the loop every step of the way. 

“She cultivates trusted relationships with customers, excelling in anticipating their needs, responding promptly, and proactively resolving issues.”

So Much More than Her Work 

Her work ethic might be impressive, but Kelsey’s also committed to improving the lives of those in the community. 

She serves on the KT CARES and KT Wellness committees and is a mainstay at every KT volunteer event. From handing out Easter baskets at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital to popping popcorn and spinning cotton candy during community Halloween events, Kelsey shares kindness whenever she can. 

“She embodies the spirit of collective success and giving back,” McCarty said. 

The best part is she does it all with a bright smile and a winning attitude!

Celebrating All Our Nominees   

Kelsey is this month’s Employee of the Month award winner but was only one of several accomplished nominees for March. Other nominees included:

Steve Jones
Justin Blakeslee
Roger Frye  

We’ve now filled three spots in 2024! Next month, we’ll add another person to our list of potential employees in the running for Kris-Tech’s highest honor – 2024 Employee of the Year!