We are excited to announce that Liam Willians, our IT service desk technician, is the July employee of the month. Despite being pulled in many directions by all departments, Liam always smiles and diligently works to resolve any issue that comes his way. 

 Liam’s dedication has enhanced the culture of our IT department which his coworkers can all attest to. He brings a high degree of attention and passion to solving any IT challenge. When an employee places an IT ticket, Liam will respond in less than 5 minutes. If he can’t resolve the problem, he will connect with a supervisor or vendor until he finds an answer. Liam is so committed to excellence that he will continue to check up on whether a problem is resolved after hours.  

 Liam’s performance is all the more noteworthy since he’s a part-time employee. Liam, you have a phenomenal work ethic and Kris-Tech is proud to say that you are the first part time employee to win the employee of the month award! 

 Honorable mentions go out to Jack Cullop Sr., Andrew Herbert, and Jessica Ballesteros.