Safe, Rugged, and Reliable — The Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire Solution

Kris-Tech’s next-generation tracer wire solution provides everything you need to locate and protect your underground utility assets. Designed for performance and durability, the Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire Solution helps eliminate costly injuries and infrastructure repairs due to careless digging. All components of the Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire solution are proudly made in the USA.

Open Cut Tracer Wire

Open Cut Tracer Wire

Open cut pipeline installation (aka trenching) is a common means of connecting utilities. Kris-Tech offers several open cut tracer wire options, depending on utility type and breaking strength requirements.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a technique used to tunnel under roadways, streams, or other natural obstructions. Kris-Tech provides a full range of strong, highly conductive, corrosion-resistant HDD tracer wire options.

Pipe Bursting Wire v2

Pipe Bursting Wire

Kris-Tech’s pipe burst extremely high strength tracer wire is stronger and more conductive than the stranded stainless-steel wire commonly used in pipe burst applications.

New Connectors - Locking


Designed for the most demanding tracer wire applications, every Kris-Tech secure connector incorporates a sealed, corrosion-proof connection.


Ground Rod

Kris-Tech’s next-generation ground rods are virtually indestructible, with completely sealed connections and a pinpoint end for straight directional installation.

Test Stations-white

Test Stations/Access Points

Corrosion-resistant and color-coded for easy identification, Kris-Tech’s test stations provide fast, easy access to your tracer wire. *COMING SOON*

Marking Tape

Marking Tape

Kris-Tech’s high-visibility underground marking tape is manufactured for maximum strength and is available in detectable and non-detectable versions to protect and warn of all underground utilities.

Marker Posts

Above Ground Marking Posts & Test Stations

Used to locate all underground utilities, Kris-Tech’s above ground marking posts can be installed with cathodic wires, tracer wires, and grounds. Posts and test stations are built tough to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.



Easy to install and essential for safety, Kris-Tech Tracer Spacers maintain a safe separation between tracer wire for all underground utilities. Tracer Spacers can also be used for common trench installation.


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