Our March 2022 employee of the month award goes to Ethan Conway. Though an engineering tech, for sometime now Ethan has taken on the role of warehouse manager. In this role he has worked cross-functionally with the IT, material management, and sales teams to significantly improve our operations. He has truly owned the process. His co-workers frequently applaud his diligence and responsiveness. 

Ethan has taken on a mountain load of inventory work which has greatly contributed to the improved inventory visibility for the entire organization. He has swiftly converted the old manually managed inventory into a scannable inventory system. He worked through many program and label printing issues with the IT team to get them resolved as quickly as possible. Ethan has also worked alongside our material management team to ensure our wire will fit in designated bin locations. He keeps the entire team updated by sending daily project updates to the entire team while also shoutouts to his co-workers for all of their help. 

Ethan stepped out of his Engineering role and into the material management roll seamlessly, thus proving his Flexibility with our continuous improvement efforts. This project has required little to no supervision allowing the rest of the operations team to stay focused on the other projects that are critical to the business. 

Well done Ethan! 

Honorable mentions go out to Lisa Napelitano and Naima Amraan.