NFL great Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders aren’t born, they’re made.” 

Being a leader and taking on the pressure of ensuring an entire team’s success is crucial to professional growth. Lombardi was no stranger to that pressure, taking on a moribund Green Bay Packers team and turning it into a football powerhouse and eventual winner of the first two Super Bowls. 

Although April’s Employee of the Month wasn’t tasked with turning the fortunes of an entire NFL franchise around, they did have to step in and lead their team when the situation called for it. Thanks to their initiative, the team has kept the train on track while learning and growing together. 

We’re thrilled to announce Midnight Team Lead Steve Jones as April’s Employee of the Month. 

Stepping In and Stepping Up

When Kris-Tech’s former midnight team lead left the company, Steve quickly stepped in to keep everything moving smoothly. 

“Since that day, we started seeing a rising star,” VP of Operations Jeff Handley explained. “Steve was not asked to fill that role, he took the initiative on top of running his machine to ensure his team had leadership. Recently, Steve has acted as the interim team lead for the midnight shift, quickly gaining the team’s respect.” 

It’s one thing to step in and provide guidance during a transition, but Steve has shown an ability and desire to do and learn more while still balancing his regular job. 

“Steve consistently hits 90-100% OEE on his line, in addition to watching over his team to ensure they have what they need,” Handley said. “He understands he can only improve his weaknesses and is humble enough to admit them. Leadership skills can be taught, but the desire to be a leader cannot.” 

Constant Contact

Part of being a good leader is understanding when and how to communicate with those around you. 

It’s one thing to vocalize needs and bark orders, but being an effective communicator opens doors to more effective and positive interactions. Steve’s ability to talk with others, keep everyone on the same page, and build trust with his teammates has helped him quickly progress in his role. 

“He constantly updates KT leadership and fellow team leads,” Handley explained. “If Steve receives a request for the midnight shift, he properly communicates to ensure it’s completed. He is a self-motivator, problem solver, communicator, and an exceptional performer who embraces our Andon board system, knowing how important it is as a midnight shift operator.” 

Steve doesn’t just communicate well with leadership; he has the same amount of respect for those in the trenches alongside him. 

“Steve is one of those unique people who evaluates every perspective, asks earnest questions, and tries to understand why decisions are made,” Handley said. “He embraces Kris-Tech’s values and is committed to the KT Way. I admire his resolve to prove he can lead, which is what he has done this past month.” 

Like Lombardi once did for the Green Bay Packers, Steve is positioned to propel Kris-Tech’s midnight team to continued success. 

Celebrating All Our Nominees

Steve took home the top prize, but he was only one of a few employees up for the honor of Employee of the Month. Others nominated for the award included: 

Griffin Tubbs 

Justin Blakeslee 

Steve Pietrowski 

Four months, four winners! Join us in May when we find out who joins Steve, Kelsey, Ashley, and Christina as nominees for Kris-Tech’s most prestigious honor – 2024 Employee of the Year!