If you like auto racing, you know it’s a team sport.

Sure, one person is driving the car, but behind them is a team of pit crew members, engineers, statisticians, and strategists dialed in to get every last bit out of it on race day.

But occasionally someone comes along who seems to speak the car’s language. Using their unique blend of skills, they get more out of the vehicle than anyone thought, propelling the entire team to new heights.

At Kris-Tech, we’re often a well-oiled machine. But occasionally, someone steps up to elevate our program even more.

Their tireless efforts have streamlined several Kris-Tech programs and given the company more power to build trusted relationships within our departments and with our customers.

This month, we’re proud to name Supply Chain Planner Griffin Tubbs as May’s Employee of the Month! 

Focused on Precision

A fast car means nothing if it can’t handle the corners.

The same can be said for a wire and cable manufacturer with disappointing lead times when customers need product.

Griffin quickly jumped in to lead Kris-Tech’s stocking program, ensuring Operations and Sales have the data they need to fulfill every customer order while balancing supply and scheduling. 

“Griffin strives to be excellent,” Marcus Tagliaferri, Kris-Tech’s Director of Supply Chain, explained. “Most recently, he has taken the lead in planning and inputting transfer orders, but more importantly, organizing, counting, and ensuring orders are fulfilled and shipped. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s a consistent and dedicated teammate who ensures every report is updated and answers every Andon request immediately.”

Like any good racing team, crews must align speed and handling to stabilize the car and avoid mishaps during the race. The same can be said about Griffin’s ability to seamlessly align supply and demand metrics.

“When you think about good co-workers, you think of dependability, dedication, consistency, honesty, kindness, humility, and potential,” Tagliaferri explained. “You know what you’re getting with Griffin. His institutional knowledge of our products is incredible, and he impresses the heck out of me.”

Setting the Pace 

Strong racing teams are constantly at the front of the pack because everyone is on the same page and understands the goal: win. From race day prep to constant testing behind the scenes, each move is meant to improve the car’s performance every step of the way.

Griffin is doing the same for Kris-Tech by working collaboratively with other departments to lead initiatives tied to inventory management, lead time expectations, and scheduling. 

Additionally, Griffin has been instrumental in driving the company’s initiatives forward, including its massive 2024 ERP project.

“His dedication to excellence is evident in his work on our high-priority ERP project, where he has received commendations from our implementation partners,” Vice President of Finance Bob Pagano said. “Mike, from the implementation team, praised Griffin’s responsiveness and professionalism, saying, ‘He da man! I interrupt him often, and he still responds promptly with the answer and a pleasant discussion. I assign him tasks, and he’s on time or lets me know that he needs a bit more time proactively. I have huge respect for people that naturally value other people’s time.’

A Winning Attitude 

Being good at what you do is only one piece of the puzzle.  

Performing well on your own is one thing, but being a good person with a positive outlook makes it easier to rally the team when they need to find that extra bit of speed.

“Griffin’s positive energy and willingness to help others make him a standout teammate,” Pagano explained. “He consistently seeks opportunities for growth and development, embodying our commitment to learning and growing.”

His ability to embody the Kris-Tech values in everything he does sets him apart. Griffin is always looking for the next new challenge, and his dedication, leadership, and positive attitude give him a unique perspective that helps Kris-Tech and its partners thrive each day.

Celebrating All Our Nominees

Griffin is May’s winner, but he wasn’t the only nominee for the illustrious honor of Employee of the Month. Others included:

Steve Pietrowski

Five winners down, six to go! Join us next month when we learn who will join Griffin, Steve, KelseyAshley, and Christina as nominees for Kris-Tech’s 2024 Employee of the Year!