2021 was a year of growth, but it wasn’t without its fair share of hiccups. For us to push our flywheel forward, we needed to totally alter the way we operated as our organization. Our new ERP implementation was far from smooth, but our Operations team got it done. They worked hard and late, muscling through systems quirks, inventory management issues, and major equipment installations. Our success in 2021 required success from all of our departments but Operations played a massive part.

So it is only fitting that when we solicited the whole company to vote on who deserved the honor of Employee of the Year, it was a resounding vote for Operations team member Glenn Rothe. Glenn’s work ethic, technical knowledge, and collaborative spirit were consistent throughout last year.  Always willing to lend a hand, share his knowledge, and roll up his sleeves, Glenn demonstrated a commitment to excellence. 

Glenn understands that for us to grow it takes more than to simply fix a machine, clean his hands, and then move on to the next item on his to-do-list. Glenn takes the time to explain how to fix something. He supports machine operators in any way he can, whenever he can, however he can. All of Kris-Tech benefits from his work ethic, energy, and expertise (to say nothing of his openness, generosity, and positive outlook). 

Glenn, the way you show up day in and day out, bolstering our flexibility in Operations has a downstream impact on what everyone else does. Thank you for every drop of sweat you’ve given us in 2021. Glenn Rothe, our flexible, congenial, determined, hardworking 2021 Employee of the Year!