Our July employee of the month honors go to our Scheduler, Scott Beckwith. July was a busy time for us and Scott truly stepped up in a big way, consistently rolling up his sleeves to ensure that our machines kept running. His impact was felt well beyond scheduling, as Scott helped out our production and engineering teams.    

Scott demonstrated our core value of communication repeatedly last month. When it came to communicating across the organization, whether it was helping machine operators address an issue or assisting our supply chain leader with inventory management, Scott’s communication was exemplary. 

Scott is a true team player who lives by a “get (sh)it done” type of mentality. When there was an issue on one Sunday, Scott didn’t hesitate to drive in, develop a plan, communicate it with the shift team leaders, and keep the ball moving. 

 At Kris-Tech, we place a premium on a growth mindset. Scott is someone who constantly is soliciting feedback and asking questions so that he can improve and grow as a team member. 

 Scott, you make the whole organization stronger! 

 Honorable mentions go to Nadine Almond, Nicole Palkovic, Shayne Hughes, Steve Jones, Brian Prusinksi, and Solomon Maricle.