There is something to be said about accomplishing difficult things. 

Whether climbing all 46 of the high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains or learning to apply your skills in a completely new way, it’s an achievement no one can ever take away. 

Rising to the challenge is an inherent trait that everyone has, but some people exercise more than others. But in the case of September’s Employee of the Month, they have been stepping up to the plate and hitting one home run after another while improving the entire team around them.  

Their ability to make the most of every situation, jump in when needed, and blaze the trail for others is something not everyone can do. Still, they do it daily with a smile and a positive attitude. 

In honor of all his hard work, we’re proud to say Extruder Operator Edmond Thomas is this month’s Employee of the Month!

Whenever, Wherever  

It takes a lot of chutzpah to jump in and try something new on the fly, but Edmond is no stranger to putting on the cape and saving the day.  

He has been a mainstay at Kris-Tech’s Otis St. Headquarters for years, but Ed’s quick learning has helped him make waves at several KT production facilities as the company expands and grows.  

“Edmond Spent time at a nearby facility where they needed assistance,” Director of Operations Eric Pietrowski explained. “He stepped right up to the plate when asked with no hesitation. He helped them catch up on orders while they were looking for labor. He also learned how to run one of our most technical machines. When asked to do it, he jumped in with excitement. Edmond spent time at this facility, built relationships, and became knowledgeable about the process.”  

Learning how to do something well quickly is an incredible skill to have, but Ed goes one step further by passing his knowledge on to newer team members.  

“Edmond took the reins, helped commission KT’s vertical twist machine, and began training new operators on the line,” Pietrowski said. “He’s also played a big part in coming up with new and fresh ideas on how to run the line better.”

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable  

There is no challenge too big for Edmond. For those who know him well, he’s at his best while solving the next big problem.  

From learning new equipment and finding creative solutions on the production floor to instilling confidence in the team around him in a positive and fun way, Ed has become a tour de force at Kris-Tech. As a senior operator, Ed’s voice holds a lot of weight, and he carries himself confidently while proudly supporting Kris-Tech’s values.

“He understands the Kris-Tech Way and is very proud to be on our team,” Pietrowski said. “I have worked with Edmond since he started; he pursues to get better and wants to learn and grow within the company. All new hires should spend the day with him to show them what culture and values are to KT!”


Beyond simply being really good at his job, people naturally gravitate toward Edmond. 

He’s not only the type of person who can flawlessly explain the ins and outs of operating an extruder but will also make sure you get a piece of pizza to nosh on while he does. 

“Edmond treats his team members with respect and has earned the respect of his team members, supervisors, and company leadership – he should be called our production team ambassador!” Pietrowski commented. “Ed is always positive, smiling, and has nothing but the best things to say about our company.”

The best part is that he shares his enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone. Ed is constantly trading bits of knowledge with those around him, using his skills to build up others and allowing them to do the same with him.  

“He truly is an influencer in the best way, a promoter!” Pietrowski remarked. “I am proud of Edmond, I respect him, and so does the Operations team.” 

Celebrating All Our Nominees   

Edmond is September’s Employee of the Month but not the only nominee. We’re excited to shout out all the people in the running for the award, including:   

Griffin Tubbs   

We’re nine months in, and only three spots remain for 2023! Join us next month as we name the next person to join Ed, MikkiGarrettJustinClarkGinoJohnWill, and Jon as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year.