If you’ve ever done a Where’s Waldo or Magic Eye puzzle, there’s a certain level of detail you need to make the pieces fit. 

Without a keen eye and an understanding of the end goal, it’s possible to spend hours looking at the pages without ever accomplishing anything. Thankfully, this month’s Employee of the Month winner has plenty of experience dealing with the tiny details, using her skills to pave the way for many of Kris-Tech’s new documentation efforts. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Documentation Specialist Christina Wilcox as January’s Employee of the Month! 

Hitting the Ground Running 

Christina has been here less than a year but has already had a massive impact on Kris-Tech’s daily routines. Her work carries her across seemingly every department, developing processes and plans to elevate the company’s performance. 

“She has positively impacted almost every process and functional area within the organization, building trusted relationships through it all,” Supply Chain Director Marcus Tagliaferri said. “No detail is too small for Christina. She’s very thorough and always commits to excellence. She doesn’t just take information and formalize it; she spends a significant amount of time with operators and other team members learning not only the process, but the equipment used. She exemplifies our learn and grow value.” 

Like Sherlock Holmes, Christina makes connections others don’t, using clues to help piece together the larger puzzle. Thanks to her tireless efforts, Kris-Tech is more efficient, better aligned, and a safe place for every employee on the production floor and in the office. 

Her work extends far beyond Kris-Tech’s four walls. She’s been instrumental in helping a crucial partner of ours develop a quality manual, among other needed documents. As a result, she’s helped build and strengthen a partnership that allows both companies to achieve their larger goals. 

“We would like to shout out and thank Christina Wilcox for her outstanding work in leading the effort to complete our quality manual,” the partner said. “She was a joy to work with in this process and our team absolutely loved working with her. Christina’s professionalism and knowledge are second to none and made the process a breeze.”

Building a Library Book by Book 

It’s one thing to be professional and a pleasure to work with, but Christina has a list of home run hits so long that it would make Babe Ruth blush. 

In no particular order, she has:

  • Led the project to build a Material Spec Form, including hours of meetings, revisions, and edits 
  • Championed the Kris-Tech Hub documentation project 
  • Completed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for several departments 
  • Created Work Instructions for the SZ Cabler from scratch, working alongside the operators to learn the process and develop the document 
  • Developed a stack of new facility safety procedures 
  • Created instructions for cleaning and shutting down the printer alongside the Operations team


Nearly every facet of Kris-Tech has been improved because of Christina and her work. She’s also proven that her ability and dedication stretch far beyond her role as a Documentation Specialist.  

Christina is a go-getter with a knack for making complex processes sound easy. She builds camaraderie with her teammates to come up with astounding ideas and concepts that have ripple effects felt across the company. And, most importantly, she’s got the follow-through to stick with a project until it’s done.

“There is not a single department here she hasn’t worked with in some capacity,” Tagliaferri said. “She’s got a great work ethic and she’s so deserving of this award.” 

Celebrating All Our Nominees 

Christina earned the Employee of the Month title for January, but several others were also nominated for the award, including: 

Jamie McNett
David Albright

Flipping the calendar, we move boldly into 2024 with a brand-new crop of Employee of the Month winners. Next month, Kris-Tech will add another name to the list of employees running for the prestigious Employee of the Year award!