If you’ve ever had a garden, you know how much work goes into creating the perfect environment for fruits and vegetables to thrive. 

It might seem like countless hours spent digging, weeding, tilling, and planting, but the hard work eventually pays off. From tomatoes and potatoes to corn and pumpkins, those little seeds have blossomed, bloomed, and produced, paying back everything that went into helping them thrive. 

The same goes for every new group of Kris-Tech employees. Just like how a flower grows in Brooklyn, a little appreciation, encouragement, and training prepares the soil for a dedicated, productive, and happy team member. 

But the ground we plant ourselves in isn’t perfect on day one. That’s why we have people like July’s Employee of the Month winner, who has cultivated an environment of success around them. 

We can’t attest to how green his thumb actually is, but one thing is for sure: Garrett Grinnell has bloomed into a top performer at Kris-Tech.

It’s Go Thyme 

Garrett is the kind of person who steps up, digs deep, and shows a positive attitude every time he’s in the office. It’s an attitude that infects others, even when the day isn’t going as planned. 

“He keeps an even keel, even under high-stress situations,” said Eric Pietrowski, Director or Operations at Kris-Tech. “Garrett is here early, stays late when needed, and has a whatever-it-takes mindset. He’s always helping his team, no matter what. Draw, twist, extrusion, dock – if something is urgent, Garrett gets it done, even if it means doing it himself.” 

His dedication to getting the job done inspires those around him, helping them learn and grow in a fast-paced and demanding environment. 

“Garrett isn’t afraid to get dirty and set an example for others,” Pietrowski explained. “For these efforts, he’s often shouted out by his team for all the help and support he gives them.”

Remember Your Roots

While his presence on the production floor is a welcome site for his team, Garrett’s responsibilities extend far past being a helping hand as a shift leader. 

Every day, he works to correct enterprise resource planning (ERP) issues, and he’s a familiar face at the monthly inventory counts. Garrett’s also a doer, confirming orders get out on time while tracking down missing items or shuttling wire to other teams. 

“Garrett goes out of his way to ensure his team has what they need to be successful,” Pietrowski said. “This includes making sure they have the tools, supplies, mentoring, and coaching they need. He treats them with respect, and has earned the respect of his team, other supervisors, and leadership.”

Don’t Herb Your Enthusiasm

You can’t get the most out of your crop if you start with bad seeds. 

Garrett plays a critical role in the employee interview process and refined Kris-Tech’s onboarding program to ensure every employee has the best start possible. 

“This process ensures we are getting new employees who meet our Kris-Tech Values,” Pietrowski said. “Garrett has the mindset to grow. He is deeply involved in multiple leadership classes and is open to changes that will make us stronger and faster.”

This attention to detail keeps Kris-Tech producing and encourages more seeds of change to take root. 

Celebrating All Our Nominees 

Garrett is July’s Employee of the Month but was only one of the names mentioned for the honor. We’re excited to shout out all our nominees, including: 

Ryan Becker 

Seven spots are taken, and there are only five more to go! Join us next month as we name the next person to join Garrett, JustinClarkGinoJohnWill, and Jon as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year.