What do Golden State Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry and June’s Kris-Tech Employee of the Month have in common?

It might sound like a trick question, but the truth is, they’re both amazing floor generals. Both are excellent listeners, anticipate the next move, get people in the right spots at the right time, and consistently earn MVP nods.

And just like Steph, this month’s honoree is constantly among the top performers, showing what it means to be a leader on and off the court.

He might not be draining three-pointers from halfcourt at the Chase Center (that we know of), but we would much rather have Inventory Control and Material Lead Justin Blakeslee here earning his spot on the Kris-Tech All-Star team any day!

Always Seeing the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to set yourself up for success. It’s a lot tougher to position a team, and an entire company, for sustained success.

“Justin is a resource that teammates can comfortably ask questions of,” said Vice President of Finance Bob Pagano. “Sometimes, when you can’t formulate the question to ask, he can help answer the question to the question! He embraces continuous improvement and, more importantly, the continuous learning model.”

That commitment to continuous improvement stretches far beyond simply answering questions. In fact, Justin’s push for constant growth is helping him shape the future of Kris-Tech.

“Justin takes great pride in his work,” Pagano explained. “Recently, he tested, rolled out, and trained the warehouse team on Phase 2 of our inventory app rollout. This immediate timesaving and accuracy win pairs with the long-term goal of future state ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) scanner use. Laying the groundwork today ensures a smooth transition tomorrow.”

Dedication On and Off the Floor

Being the go-to guy comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s nothing Justin cannot handle with the help of his surrounding teammates.

He’s a constant KT presence, coming in on Saturdays to help with inventory counts. His keen attention to detail and willingness to explore new inventory methods makes it easy for others to approach him with suggestions and feedback.

“He listens and genuinely wants to ensure you’re pointed in the right direction,” Pagano said. “Justin’s passion for excellence is exciting, and I often walk away with more passion to get to the right answer – even if the answer is ‘more work’ for me or the team to implement the solution.”

Justin’s passion allows him to operate smoothly, blending several of our core values. His commitment to excellence and constant efforts to learn and grow gives him the energy and the ability to help his team and the company win together.

Celebrating All Our Nominees

Justin is June’s Employee of the Month, but another hard-working team member’s name was mentioned alongside his for the honor of KT MVP:

Larry Russell

We’re halfway through the year and have another six months of winners to announce! Join us next month as we name the next person to join Justin, Clark, Gino, John, Will, and Jon as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year.