Our employee of the month honors go to our West Coast sales rep Kat Carver.

Kat is one of the unsung heroes of our organization. Last month, she singlehandedly oversaw our Norwalk warehouse and West Coast sales operations. In addition to providing consistent top-notch customer service, Kat entered the second most sales orders for the month of April. Furthermore, despite being swamped with sales calls, Kat took the time to collaborate with our East Coast team in optimizing the inventory at our Norwalk branch. Kat was also actively involved in the interviewing process for new hires.

We are all grateful for how Kat shows up every day and represents the organization to our West Coast customers. She never skips a beat. Without fail, Kat delivers the highest customer service while operating as an army of one out in Norwalk. All of Kris-Tech appreciates her cheerful demeanor and jokes. No matter how stressful the day, Kat exudes our core values, day in and day out.