Values, Vision, and Mission

Kris-Tech is as proud of its past as we are excited about our future. Our history, and the unique ideals and standards that we’ve cultivated, is the foundation of our success. These Values are unchanging; they drive our passion and give us purpose.

Our Values Statement articulates what has made us “Us” for the past 35+ years. Our Vision and Mission will drive the next 35, and their execution depends on our Values. Please feel free to ask us more about these important components of our corporate identity.


Kris-Tech is a relationship-based company committed to Excellence:

Demonstrated by our mutual trust towards employees, customers, and community;

Driven by teamwork, communication, and accountability; and

Delivered with openness and honesty in everything we do.


We create value solving problems for our global customers in order to make a material difference in our community.


Kris-Tech is a niche wire manufacturer that delivers your solutions with highly responsive and flexible service.

Help When It's Needed Most

In these unprecedented times, Kris-Tech is doing our part here in Rome, New York, to ease the effects of COVID-19 in our community. Our wire company donated $5,000 to the Rome Hospital Foundation, the Rome Rescue Mission, and to Rome public schools. The Mission provides three meals daily to the hungry and has been able to go from feeding 1,000 guests per week to 3,100.

Kris-Tech CARES

Launched in 2016, Kris-Tech CARES is an employee-driven initiative dedicated to building relationships within our team and our communities.

Monthly Donations

Kris-Tech CARES implemented a monthly donation that is directly tied to our performance. When we grow, our impact on the community does too.

Support For Local Charities

Through Kris-Tech CARES, we’re pleased to make annual donations to many worthy causes and charities.

Helping To Sustain Our Community

Kris-Tech CARES has been involved in a wide range of community projects to date.

Lending a Hand in Our Community — and Beyond

While very active in our local community, our Kris-Tech CARES team knows there are no borders when it comes to helping out.

Kris-Tech Donates to Colonial Park Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterThis donation helped purchase Christmas presents for the residents and provide day-to-day living essentials.

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection We helped local students in our community graduate and explore career opportunities.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Kris-Tech employees gathered over 1,000 pounds of food, water, clothing, and other necessities to aid those impacted by the devastation of the hurricane.

CARES Team Project – Rome 911 Memorial Our Kris-Tech team came together to clean up and restore Rome’s local 911 Memorial.

Water Purification Systems in Kenya Kris-Tech donated 16,000 feet of custom cable to two non-profit organizations to help build water purification systems in Kenya.

Ava Dorfman Center (now Copper City Community Connection) A Kris-Tech Cares donation helped support this local seniors’ center.

Want to Work with Us?

If customer service and community giving are big parts of who you are, we invite you to consider a career at Kris-Tech!

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