During these difficult times, it’s more important than ever to recognize and celebrate employees, especially those who’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our production capabilities proceed with as few disruptions as possible. 

On that note, this month’s employee of the month award goes to our production supervisor Scott Beckwith. From a culture and values perspective, Scott has been instrumental in keeping our operations top notch.   

In tough times, true leaders shine. Scott has done just that. He has soared as a leader over the past month. Among his accomplishments have been developing and implementing our COVID-19 safety guidelines. Without exaggeration, he’s been available 24/7 for our production team as he has worked day and night with our shift operators, schedulers, and maintenance team members. Furthermore, he’s been on top of instituting our emergency response guidelines. 

Scott’s communication excellence was on full display this past month, as has communicated any issues and challenges the production team has faced. 

Scott has also done a superb job working cross-functionally with our engineering team which has been especially valuable since the engineering team has been working remotely (following the latest COVID-19 NY state requirements). 

All of Kris-Tech is grateful for how Scott has stepped up during these critical times.