For the last two months of 2021, we decided to make a change to our regular employee of the month selection. The November employee of the month nominees for sales and operations were so compelling that we decided to give it to two nominees. So our co-winners for the combined months of November and December are Mitch Rice our Southeast Sales Representative and Glenn Roth in Maintenance.  

Both Mitch and Glenn have played crucial roles in helping Kris-Tech not just close out the year strong but also position us for success in 2022 and beyond. 

 Glenn excelled throughout November on both the culture and flexibility fronts. Though he is constantly pulled in different directions for various PLC and highly technical repairs, Glenn always exudes a “how can I help attitude.” He not only helps operators when there is an issue with their machine but will devote extra time to show the operator how he made a fix. 

 Never content to leave a job unfinished, Glenn often stays late, whether it is repairing a piece of automation machinery or repairing existing equipment.  

 As far as advancing our organizational goals’ of improved flexibility, Glenn played a significant role in the installation of our new PV line, including sourcing the parts as well as coordinating the installation with our outside vendors. Besides playing a big part in the install, he has dedicated his time to training other maintenance professionals on how to do an equipment install. By taking the time and sharing his knowledge on the process, our collective maintenance team will be that much more flexible with future installations. 

 As for Glenn’s co-winner, Mitch Rice has done more than his fair share of driving Kris-Tech’s revenue growth into 2022 and beyond. He won our single biggest new customer, and he did so the Kris-Tech way. Mitch was in constant contact with teams throughout the organization including Sales, Operations, and Finance to ensure that we could live up to our customer promise. He communicated frequently with his teammates in Operations and Maintenace who were responsible for purchasing and setting up the necessary equipment needed to meet the customer demand. 

 Everyone here does their part to spin the Kris-Tech flywheel. Bringing this customer over the finish line, Mitch has put some serious velocity into our flywheel spin. 

 These co-winners are especially appropriate given the way that Kris-Tech has managed to grow throughout 2021 as Sales and Operations have had to collaborate in tandem to hit our sales targets and meet our customer expectations. If Sales alone was successful without Operations, then we wouldn’t be able to execute on our promise to customers. And if Operations was successful but without a high performing Sales Team, we wouldn’t have the demand and messaging around our value prop that brings new customers to Kris-Tech. 

 So we give a huge year-end applause to Glenn and Mitch as our final 2021 November and December employee of the month recipients! 

 Honorable mentions go out to Nicole Palkovic, Debbie Lee, Lisa Napelitano, and Garrett Grinnell.