Football season is here, and you most likely know what that means – beer, snacks, and an inordinate amount of yelling about things you can’t begin to control the outcome of. 

But do you ever stop to think about the people on the field? You know, the ones throwing, passing, catching, and running the ball? Every route, coverage, and kick are practiced until they become muscle memory, and every person out there is a consummate professional. 

If we were going to compare August’s Employee of the Month to anyone on the gridiron, it would easily be the quarterback. As the undisputed team leader, this person is not only strong under pressure and capable of seeing the bigger picture, but they’re also a supportive teammate and inspiration to others. 

Although she might not be tall enough to see over the average offensive lineman, this month’s winner has the intangibles needed to propel Kris-Tech to victory every day. That’s why our employee of the month for August is none other than… Mikki Taylor!

The Face of Kris-Tech 

Every football team has a public face setting the tone for the entire organization. At Kris-Tech, that person is Mikki. 

“She is the first person you hear when you call Kris-Tech, the first person you see when you enter Kris-Tech, and the first person you think of when you think about Kris-Tech’s values,” VP of Finance Bob Pagano said. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small the task is, Mikki approaches everything she does in the same way: with a smile on her face and a can-do attitude. Like how a good QB works with receivers, running backs, and the O-Line, Mikki provides cross-functional support to keep the KT team running smoothly. 

“Mikki keeps all of us updated on things going on around the office, including KT Cares and Wellness events, Lunch and Learns, and somehow finds time to answer phones and provide customers the best introductory impression to build those trusted relationships,” Pagano explained. 

Excellence On and Off the Field 

It takes time and effort to learn a playbook, but Mikki has been tasked with learning several, sometimes simultaneously! 

While some people might complain or try to stay in their sandbox, Mikki jumps at the chance to get her hands dirty alongside her teammates in other departments. 

“Recently, she has been responsible for scheduling dozens of interviews for open positions in HR and Engineering,” Pagano said. “Her workload is split between HR, Admin, some Engineering tasks, and directly aiding Finance, flexing her learning and growing mindset.” 

And, sure, her work requests cover all the bases, but Mikki stretches beyond her boundaries to do what she can for the entire Kris-Tech team. Whether it’s helping order food for Lunch n Learns, crunch numbers for the company’s team-building competitions, joining many of Kris-Tech’s volunteer teams, or simply sharing her thoughts on the latest happenings around town, her infectious positivity makes others want to rise the challenge, too. 

“As an opportunity to give back to the community and support our employees and their children, KT provides school supplies,” Pagano said. “While the organization may foot the bill, Mikki reached out to over 50 employees with children to obtain school lists, consolidate, order, and distribute supplies. It was a huge task, and Mikki always had a smile on her face.”

Celebrating All Our Nominees  

Mikki is Employee of the Month for August, but she was only one of the names mentioned for the honor. We’re excited to shout out all our nominees, including:

Griffon Tubbs
Nick Beckwith 

We’re eight months in, with only four more left in 2023! Join us next month as we name the next person to join Mikki, GarrettJustinClarkGinoJohnWill, and Jon as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year.