We are excited to announce that our May employee of the month is our Northeast Sales Leader Lisa Napelitano. Lisa had a big month in May. Kicking it off, she was honored to be named as one of tED Magazine’s 30 Under 35. Throughout 2022, Lisa has transformed the Northeast territory for Kris-Tech. She has done that by embodying our BHAG of customercentricity. Lisa is truly all about customer service and relationship development. When one of her customer’s pet needed emergency surgery, she immediately reached out and sent a condolence Grubhub gift card. As one customer put it “Lisa has been nothing short of exemplary in the time I have worked with her. She alone has helped grow my business with her outstanding customer service and drive to do everything she can for us. She has gone above and beyond in every facet possible regarding our partnership.” 

As a sales team member, she has showcased a range of talents. Lisa has executed in both and inside and outside sales role in her territory. Lisa excels at being able to identify new opportunities and bring in new customers by selling our key value props. She works closely with her fellow sales team members and is always willing to share insights or lend a helping hand. Lisa is always aiming to grow and find new opportunities for her and the Sales Team to grow. As one of her colleagues Brian Prusinski put it, “I’m inspired by Lisa’s fervor and energy. After speaking with Lisa, I often tell myself that I’ve gotta up my Sales game!”  

Lastly, as a citizen of Kris-Tech, Lisa is an active member of our Culture Committee. She consistently contributes to the well being of Kris-Tech and various community initiatives. Way to go Lisa! 

Honorable mentions go to Justin Sanfilippo and Liam Williams.