The unanimous selection for our May Employee of the Month award goes to our Customer Support Specialist Paula Bush. Paula stepped up this past month in a huge way. For much of the month, she held the line for our whole Customer Support team. During that time, Paula pushed her collaborative skills sets to a new level. Paula served as an outstanding liaison for our Sales and Production teams to ensure any sales order inquiries were quickly resolved. She stayed late to make sure that every order was accurately entered into our system. 

Paula also collaborated closely with Sales team members to work on reducing the number of open orders in our system. Thanks to her effort, they managed to significantly reduce the number of open orders that were crowding our system. As a result of her rolling up her sleeves, the Sales team didn’t skip a beat. 

And in addition to all of her other responsibilities, Paula worked seamlessly with our Marketing team to make sure our digital leads were sent to the right Sales team members (even though she had little prior experience with this responsibility). 

Paula, all of Kris-Tech thanks you for stepping up in a BIG way this past month!