Kris-Tech Wire attended the 2018 National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Corrosion Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on April 17th. The conference, hosted by NACE, is the world’s largest corrosion conference and exposition. Each year, CORROSION welcomes more than 6,000 corrosion engineers, scientists, researchers, technicians, asset owners, inspectors, and other professionals from over 60 countries across the world. This comprehensive conference is packed with technical education and knowledge exchange, along with opportunities to connect with industry experts and peers focused on the prevention and mitigation of corrosion worldwide.

NACE is celebrating its 75th year after being founded in 1943 providing a network and voice for the corrosion control and prevention industry, and has over 36,000 members in over 130 countries. NACE has sought to educate corrosion professionals, promote research within the field, and advocate for its members.
Kris-Tech is a leading worldwide supplier of wire and cable material to the corrosion industry. We offer a full line of conventional cathodic protection cable products from basic HMWPE, to dual-insulated Halar/HMWPE and Kynar/HMWPE constructions. These high-performance cable products are designed for use as a direct burial feeder in deep anode ground-bed cathodic protection systems and are ideally suited for use in harsh chemical environments involving brackish water, gases, acids, and petroleum based solvents.

Kris-Tech has supplied the cathodic protection industry domestically and internationally with its cable for over 30 years and enjoys strong relationship within the industry.

For more information on Kris-Tech’s Cathodic Protection Cable products, please visit our website.