If you haven’t noticed, this is Halloween (give or take a few days), and that can only mean one thing… 

Sure, everyone loves looking at the spooky, scary skeletons, werewolves of London, and creatures from the Black Lagoon, but not everything needs to be scary. The sentiment is especially true for wire and cable orders that must ship on time. 

Cutting it close on an order delivery might sound like a thriller to some but puts a manufacturer on the highway to hell if it becomes a regular occurrence. 

Thankfully, October’s Employee of the Month winner is a planner extraordinaire. With an abracadabra attitude backed by years of experience, he keeps orders moving ON TOP of his daily responsibilities. 

That’s why Planner Aaron West is our Kris-Tech Employee of the Month! 

Ghostbuster? More Like Linebuster 

For the last month, Aaron West had filled in at several positions to keep things moving smoothly and avoid costly order delays. 

Whether he’s stepping into the day shift supervisor role to support production or working alongside the nighttime supervisor to ensure orders are going out on time, Aaron has shown a willingness to do what it takes to win together. 

“Aaron has basically stepped in as the day shift Supervisor, addressing all issues to keep the production lines running,” said Director of Operations Larry Reed. “He has also done a great job mentoring and coaching the respool team with any questions and concerns they have had. He did this without being asked and has done a great job.” 

(Don’t Fear) The Respool 

It’s important to note all the things Aaron does to support the team each day, especially while taking on added responsibilities. 

Normally, switching hats between leading respool, consistently ensuring order accuracy, and fielding questions and requests all day would lead to some stranger things. Aaron handles it all with a smile. 

“Despite all the effort and energy it takes to lead the respool team during this time period, Aaron has done a great job keeping up with all of his responsibilities,” Reed explained. “He has continued to support the sales team with order entry, stock checking, and Tray cable order entry. He has also ensured that all daily due orders get to the mill, thus maintaining our on-time delivery metrics.” 

Those actions kept products flowing from the facility and into customers’ hands when they needed them. 

Somebody’s Watching Me 

Taking on this much responsibility is a huge endeavor, but one that people immediately recognize as the right thing to do. 

Aaron’s dedication to his work doesn’t go unnoticed, either. He’s constantly receiving shoutouts from the sales and leadership team for his efforts and uses his deep wealth of knowledge to educate and support those around him. 

“He consistently helps to get Sales orders corrected in the system, helping the Respool team with any questions or concerns,” Reed said. “He also follows up with any requested information regarding customer questions for the sales team. This includes short lead-time order requests and all other requests for information requests. He gets calls and requests all day long and is diligent about following up and getting the team’s order issues resolved.” 

Aaron isn’t afraid to help others and openly shares information with the team around him. Those efforts not only get questions answered but also make the team faster, stronger, and more efficient.

Celebrating All Our Nominees 

Aaron is October’s Employee of the Month, but we had no shortage of cool ghouls and ghosts to pick from, including: 

David Albright 

This monster mash is just about over, and we’ll be time-warping into 2024 soon enough. There are still two spots left in 2023, though, so join us next month as we name the next person to join Aaron, Edmond, Mikki, Garrett, Justin, Clark, Gino, John, Will, and Jon as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year.