It’s been a long year full of hurdles and challenges for all of Kris-Tech’s employees. Each month we have had rigorous debates about which employee deserved the employee of the month honors. It was never an easy decision since there were so many worthy contenders every month. 


So, for the employee of the year, we decided to let the whole company decide. And now that the votes are in, the people of Kris-Tech have spoken. The winner of Kris-Tech’s Employee of the Year is none other than Jack Cullop. 


A lot can be said about Jack’s work ethic, dedication, and demonstration of our values throughout 2020 but let’s begin by reviewing why he first received employee of the month back in September. 


Jack was a top tier extrusion operator not just in September but throughout the 11 other months as well. In September, he delivered critical support during the roll out of a new extrusion line. Particularly noteworthy was the collective praise and gratitude of the engineering and maintenance teams. 


As our VP of Manufacturing Eric Pietrowski said, he recalled hearing employees say “I wish we could clone him!” Well Jack, we all share that sentiment. 


It’s not just your commitment to excellence in the day-to-day performance of your responsibilities but also to the growth of the whole organization that we celebrate. Our new product development team is especially grateful for your assistance the past couple months as you’ve played a crucial role in testing our tray cable and helping Kris-Tech bring this new product to market. 


If it is our core values of trust, teamwork, and honesty that will sustain and grow us, then it is teammates like Jack Cullop that make that a reality. Thank you Jack for everything you’ve done for us in 2020.