This was a competitive race for employee of the month in which we had exceptionally strong performers across the organization in Sales, Marketing, and Production. But after careful deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the winner is our West Coast Regional Sales Leader Brian Prusinski.  

While Brian has been making a significant impact on our sales team performance and culture for months, he stepped up for us big time in October. Brian leads one of the sales “PACK Teams” that is focused on a specific customer. Throughout the course of the year Brian has set the bar for other PACK team leaders.  Brian’s leadership style creates an environment where the team collaborates, captures best practices, and creatively brainstorms around different ideas. Brian is always looking for ways to enhance and support the PACK Team—exemplifying the spirit of continuous improvement.  As a result, the PACK has introduced several unique customer specific initiatives (such as innovative marketing plans).  Lastly, Brain consistently recognizes his peers’ success by sending out congratulatory emails and taking the time to celebrate the wins along the way! 

From a customer service standpoint, Brian is always ready to assist a customer with an issue. In fact, a couple weeks ago Brian didn’t hesitate to (literally) hop on the first flight available to visit a customer and help them out.  This embodies KrisTech’s commitment to our partners as well as our focus around creating an excellent customer experience. 

 Congrats on winning this month’s honor Brian! 

 Other nominees for the month were Naima Amraan, Mitch Rice, Lisa Napelitano, Garrett Grinnell, and Scott Beckwith.