Our November employee of the month is none other than production team member Tyler Beckwith. Tyler exemplifies what it means to act like a leader without relying on a job title. Through his careful attention to detail and customer service, he helps not only his team succeed but other teams including sales and customer service. 

Throughout the past month, Tyler stepped up to assist our finance department with inventory counts. On the culture side, he provided consistent and positive feedback in engagement meetings. 

Tyler’s flexibility and commitment to get the job done inspires us all. When he has a sales related question, he doesn’t hesitate to communicate with the sales team to resolve an issue. 

In short, he acts like a production shift leader which enhances his whole team and helps them get the job done. 

What sums up Tyler’s attitude and mindset the best is that when he’s asked about some outstanding issue or task, his response is always the same: 

“I’ll take care of it.” 

Tyler, the whole organization appreciates your commitment and hard work!