Marketing’s output is only as good as its alignment with sales, making winning together mission critical. 

Luckily, April’s Employee of the Month honoree, Gino Geruntino, can give a master class on creating marketing material in close collaboration with Sales. In Q1, he developed new one-sheeters for tracer wire and tray cable products. He also ensured the design and content met the needs of our sales representatives.  

His creativity also culminated in new content by launching and curating a monthly Sales Subject Matter Expert (SME) article series. Each month, he works with a sales team member on original content tied to the sales representative’s professional interest.  

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Writing) 

Gino strives to produce content that advances Kris-Tech in the search engine rankings for high-value products, and his commitment to marketing excellence is very measurable.  

His ability to understand search metrics and target high-priority keywords is helping the company reach new heights in organic search, setting the company up for record traffic and growth.  

Outside of simply producing content, Gino has jumped into project management by brainstorming, owning, and executing two months-long projects with the help of March’s Employee of the Month, John Olguin. Kris-Tech’s tray cable builder web app and tray cable hub are already making a difference for the sales team and receiving positive customer feedback.  

Kris-Tech’s new product hub on our website is designed to help customers easily find what they need. The tray cable builder app allows customers to quickly find the required configurations their customers need. 

Jack of All Trades

If that wasn’t enough for April, Gino didn’t stop there. Flexing his “learn and grow” mindset and using his initiative, he created a promo video for our tracer wire team. Their reactions were “absolutely amazing” and “fantastic work.” For someone who wasn’t even hired to do video editing and photography, Gino has certainly impressed us.  

Gino will always do his best to exceed what is expected of him, especially when boosting and reinforcing Kris-Tech’s culture. Though photography was not a skill set Gino was hired for, it doesn’t stop him from serving as Kris-Tech’s unofficial photographer, attending and photographing Kris-Tech events whenever needed. 

Finally, his superb LinkedIn marketing skills received a nod from marketing automation software provider Act-On. The company called Kris-Tech’s LinkedIn content one of the “best manufacturing marketing examples to inspire in 2023.” 

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For these reasons and so many more, Gino is April’s Employee of the Month. 

Celebrating All Our Nominees

Although Gino earned the Employee of the Month title, he was only one of several amazing people nominated for the honor, including:

Kelly DeRochie
Justin Blakeslee

We’re four months through the year and have four great winners. Join us next month to see who takes May’s crown and joins Gino, John Olguin, Will Potter, and Jon Gifford as nominees for Kris-Tech Employee of the Year!