We are thrilled to announce that our June employee of the month winner is Justin Sanfilippo. Over the last couple months Justin has been instrumental in getting our Respool area setup and operational in our stocking facility. Justin has trained a new Supervisor as well coordinated the training of several new operators. He has continued to work through ERP issues as well the daily task of setting up the sequencing of priority orders across all three shifts. Justin has also taken on the responsibility of prioritizing the Today/Tomorrow line as well. 

 As a team member, Justin works cross-functionally with Scheduling, Sales, IT, Maintenance, Material Movers and Operations. His collaboration across the organization ensures the successful completion of orders. Justin provides daily updates to the Ops team, frequently giving shoutouts to his co-workers for their help in meeting or exceeding customer’s needs 

 Additionally, his close collaboration with our Sales team ensures that our sales team is able to provide our customers with the support they need. 

 In short, he shows up every day with a “what can I do to help” attitude. 

 Congrats Justin! 

 An honorable mention goes to this month’s runner up Beth Frye.