We are thrilled to announce our customer service leader Nadine Almond as our January employee of the month. Nadine has a list of accomplishments that we are celebrating. During the last month, she has done tons of work to assist in our ERP implementation, as she dedicated nights and weekends to help with the rollout.  

Nadine has a no team member left behind mentality. She cares deeply about her coworkers and treats them like family.  

In addition to working closely with her own customer service team, she has spent significant time working training the sales team. She conducted over 20 hours of sales team training ahead of our ERP go live.  

She also worked closely on ERP training with the scheduling and production teams to ensure that they would be successful using the new system. In short, Nadine consistently demonstrates a true teamwork-focused work ethic. 

Congrats on being our first repeat employee of the month Nadine!