Ask anyone at Kris-Tech, and they will tell you how tough it can be to win an Employee of the Month award. After all, there are only 12 months in a year and dozens of deserving employees vying for the title.

But to win Employee of the Year? That is a true testament to living the Kris-Tech Way. It’s an honor given to only one person – someone who, above all others, does what it takes day in and day out to help the company thrive.

In 2022, that person is Justin Sanfilippo.

Coming in With a Can-Do Attitude

If you looked up the word “dependable” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of Justin. His ability to effortlessly work across different departments makes him an invaluable member of the stocking facility, while his patience while training new operators ensures everyone is on the same page.

When Justin earned Employee of the Month honors in June 2022, he had recently completed a multi-month project to get the respool area fully operational. His tireless approach to getting things done and “How Can I Help?” attitude made him a critical resource for the project, as did his attention to detail while working through ERP issues and sequencing priority orders across shifts.

A Well-Earned Award

During Kris-Tech’s annual holiday party, Kris-Tech CEO and President Graham Brodock summed up Justin’s tireless attention to detail best.

“It’s because of everything Justin contributes — his hard work, his commitment to our team, and most importantly, how he lives the Kris-Tech Way every day — that he was rightfully named our Employee of the Year,” Brodock explained. “We’ve been through a lot in 2022, and Justin was stepping up at every opportunity. We appreciate his leadership, his contributions, and him, for making Kris-Tech a better organization.”

Justin, who earned a paid trip worth up to $1,500 along with a trophy, was surprised but happy to take home the top prize.

“It’s awesome,” Sanfilippo said. “I feel honored. It’s an honor to feel that my peers appreciate me like that.”

Beginning in January 2023, Kris-Tech will welcome a brand-new crop of Employee of the Year candidates. But for today, Justin is the people’s champ!