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From stainless steel to copper clad steel, tracer wire has an array applications in municipal construction, gas lines, oil fields, plumbing systems, water irrigation systems, and sewer lines. An electrician can quickly determine the predetermined use simply by looking at the wire’s jacket color. Each utility requires a specific colored insulation. For example, yellow tracer wire is used in underground natural gas lines.

Here’s a short color code guide for distributors, engineers, and other professionals interested in knowing the application of the wire based on its jacket color.

1) Yellow Tracer Wire

Yellow insulation indicates the wire is used for natural gas lines.

2) Green Tracer Wire

Green insulation indicates it will be used for sewer lines.

3) Blue Tracer Wire

Blue means it will be used for potable water.

4) Red Tracer Wire

Red means the wire is used for buried electrical wire.

5) Purple Tracer Wire

Purple indicates the wire will be used for reclaimed water, irrigation, or slurry lines.

6) Orange Tracer Wire

Orange is used for fiber optic or telecommunication applications.

7) Black Tracer Wire

Black is used for pet containment wire or ant of the other color applications listed above (based on the engineer’s recommendations).

There are other colors as well, but the above list contain our most frequent customer requests. Though we typically maintain stock supply of yellow, blue, and green, our lean extrusion operations can quickly turn around requests for non-stock colors as well.

Check out our tracer wire product pageto learn more about our custom colors, sizes, and stock availability. 

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