When it comes to keeping their dogs safe, many pet owners prefer invisible electronic pet containment fences over traditional fencing options. Invisible fencing has many benefits: it costs less than physical fencing, it’s more adaptable to hilly or uneven terrain, and it doesn’t impact sightlines or natural outdoor beauty.

Electronic pet fences are constructed by burying a perimeter boundary wire a few inches underground. This buried wire carries a radio signal that is picked by a receiver collar. When the dog wearing the collar approaches the fence line, it receives a warning ‘beep,’ then a small (and harmless) shock when it meets the fence line.

The Problem With Pet Fence ‘Kit’ Wire

Buried pet fence wire needs to be tough — it can be exposed to groundwater, corrosion, and even rodent damage. However, most underground dog fence system manufacturers provide low-quality, thin (20 gauge) wire in their kits, keeping the purchase price low and minimizing shipping costs. Unfortunately, those savings are often lost to long-term maintenance and repairs.

The chemical makeup and thickness of the wire coating may be more critical than the wire gauge. Most 20 gauge kit wire has a non-waterproof, vinyl coating that provides minimal protection from the elements. Over time, this coating is failure-prone, leading to frequent, costly repairs or replacement.

A Better Pet Fence Wire Option

Kris-Tech manufactures a range of purpose-built pet fence wire products. All Kris-Tech pet fence wire is direct-burial rated and constructed with a high molecular weight polyethylene jacket (HMWPE). This rugged, durable insulation is moisture, crush, chemical, and abrasion-resistant.

Our pet fence wire is available in sizes from 18 gauge to 14 gauge for the most demanding applications. We provide both single-conductor perimeter wire and twisted transmission wire. The twisted wire is used to connect the power source to the transmitter and does not ‘set off’ an alarm or shock when in proximity to a dog wearing a receiver collar.

Kris-Tech manufacturers other variations of pet fence wire, including:

Stranded wire. Built with the same resistant jacket, stranded wire is more flexible and often used in uneven locations where straight runs aren’t possible.

Copper clad Steel. CCS bonds a copper cladding to the steel core, creating a wire with a higher break load strength.

Different Jacket Sizes. Kris-Tech pet fence wire is available in 30 or 45mm jacket thicknesses, the latter providing even greater protection.

Custom Print and Colors. These specialized options support pet fence system manufacturers who choose to include upgraded (and branded) wire options in their kits.

A Solid Long-Term Investment

There is an incremental cost to upgraded pet fence wire, especially if you’re replacing the standard ‘kit’ wire. Most pet fence installers, however, agree there are good reasons for recommending the upgrade:

A trouble-free installation. Thicker wire with an HMWPE jacket is less likely to be damaged when pulling and burying.

Signal transmission. Wire gauge generally has little effect on signal transmission quality. However, if you are pushing the range of your system (e.g., covering 23 acres with a 20-acre system), a thicker wire may help increase that range.

Long-term reliability. The real pay-off of using professional grade dog fence wire comes with longer-term home and pet ownership. Upgraded wire can last much longer than standard kit wire – it is less susceptible to freezing and thawing conditions, ground expansion, exposure to water and chemicals, and general wear.

Repairing pet fence wire is difficult and time-consuming. Locating a damaged portion of wire is never easy — it can involve a lot of digging, especially on a large lot. Replacement can also be an expensive proposition, particularly if you’re outsourcing the project.

Kris-Tech — Pet Fence Wire, How and When You Want It

At Kris-Tech, we make our high-quality pet fence wire to function reliably, last for years, and provide our customers with the best possible experience.

We pride ourselves on delivering that customer experience — from our responsive customer service team and same-day quotes to the industry’s best lead times.

If you’d like to learn more about our Kris-Tech pet fence wire, give us a call.

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