Procuring specialty cables can represent a significant expense for industrial electrical contractors. Those contractors must consider many factors to deliver a successful project with healthy margins. That’s why, when Kris-Tech decided to manufacture tray cable based on feedback from our customers, we knew that making the cable was just the beginning.

Introducing Kris-Tech Tray Cable

Kris-Tech is rolling out two main types of tray cable options — VNTC (THHN inner, PVC outer jacket) and XPTC (XLP insulation, PVC outer jacket). Both will be available in shielded and unshielded, and grounded and ungrounded versions.

Generally more cost-effective, VNTC tray cable is often used in commercial and light industrial applications. XPTC cable is commonly employed in more demanding environments, such as power plants or waste treatment facilities.

All of our Kris-Tech tray cable will be UL 1277 compliant, have a UL direct burial rating, carry an ER (exposed run) rating, and comply with NEC 9.2 and 9.3 standards.

UL Certification

Kris-Tech takes certification seriously. Our cable products are all UL-tested and certified to ensure they perform consistently to specifications and provide the utmost safety for our customers and everyone across the entire supply chain.

We do spark testing, elongation tests, and several types of flame testing. Our cable is evaluated for a wide range of electrical characteristics and long-term performance. All these assessments are in addition to the quarterly and annual tests performed by UL on our products.

Flexibility — Doing It the Customer’s Way

We know that our customers sometimes have unique requirements, and we do our best to deliver. Whether it’s different cable configurations, gauges, or non-standard color codes, Kris-Tech is committed to providing the products our customers need to complete their projects successfully.

Cable labeling is a perfect example. A contractor may require a total of 100,000 feet of 14 gauge, three conductor tray cable. But they may also need that broken down — 10,000 feet for one run, 15,000 for another, and so on. By labeling the count footage on the cable, we can help save that customer time and money during the install.

Another customer may need both tray cable ends exposed for testing before installation. Providing the cable with exposed ends allows the contractor to easily perform the required continuity test, then install the cable with confidence.

Evolving With our Customers

While we’re very excited about the launch of our tray cable, Kris-Tech isn’t stopping there. Manufacturing wire and cable is our core competency, and as customer’s needs evolve, we are growing and adapting with them.

We’re bundling our existing cables into different configurations, and adding multiple gauges and different outer jackets. Our team is constantly evaluating new compounds and emerging innovations. And we are always talking with our customers to understand where the market is going, and how we can manufacture the products to make them more competitive and profitable.

It’s About Trust

Here at Kris-Tech, it all comes down to earning our customers’ trust each and every day. Trust is in our Mission Statement and central to everything we do. We want to make sure our customers trust us to provide the right products they need for their projects. We want contractors to trust that all our wire and cable will perform to spec, and when they go to power up equipment, they’ll be safe. Finally, we want our customers to trust that Kris-Tech will keep innovating to make them successful and more profitable.

View our Tray Cable spec sheets.

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