Kris-Tech Values

Values, Vision, and Mission

Kris-Tech is as proud of its past as we are excited about our future. Our history, and the unique ideals and standards that we’ve cultivated, is the foundation of our success. These Values are unchanging; they drive our passion and give us purpose.

Our Values Statement articulates what has made us “Us” for the past 30+ years. Our Vision and Mission will drive the next 30, and their execution depends on our Values. Please feel free to ask us more about these important components of our corporate identity.

Kris-Tech Values Statement:

  • Kris-Tech is a relationship-based company committed to Excellence:
    • Demonstrated by our mutual trust towards employees, customers, and community;
      Driven by teamwork, communication, and accountability; and
      Delivered with openness and honesty in everything we do.

Our Vision:

  • We create value solving problems for our global customers in order to make a material difference in our community.

Our Mission:

  • Kris-Tech is a niche wire manufacturer that delivers your solutions with highly responsive and flexible service.

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