Traffic Loop Cable

Traffic Loop Cable


A single stranded copper conductor insulated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon, or cross-link polyethylene (XLP) encased in a tough PVC or PE tube, able to operate up to 600 V.


Used for traffic signal control, designed for use in saw cuts as an inductive loop detector wire.


You stop at a red light, it knows you’re there, and makes the light turn green faster, avoiding Impatient Driver Syndrome!


  • UL – 44 and 1581
  • International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) – 51-3, 51-5, 51-7
  • ASTM – D-2220 for PVC and D-12148 for PE

Available Products

  • Sizes #16 through 12 AWG
  • Usually orange and black in color


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