Cathodic Protection Cable (CP Cable or CPC) is usually a stranded conductor insulated with HMWPE.

For added protection against corrosive gases and brackish water, a Halar (ECTFE) or Kynar (PVDF) insulation covered by an HMWPE jacket can be used.


CP Cable is used as direct earth burial DC feeder cable in cathodic protection systems to protect against galvanic and electrolytic corrosion of metallic objects – such as storage tanks, pipelines, wells and ocean vessels – that are buried or submerged in water.


It has excellent abrasion, crush, chemical, oil, sunlight and moisture resistance. Both the Halar and Kynar insulations offer additional resistance to corrosive gases and brackish water, and can be used for deep anode ground-bed installations.


We follow all applicable industry standards:

  • UL
  • ASTM
  • NEMA
  • ICEA

Standard Stock Products

  • Sizes #14 AWG through 350 MCM
  • Up to 12 color options
  • Standard insulation is HMWPE
  • Dual-extrusion ECTFE (Halar) or PVDF (Kynar) with HMWPE jacket

Custom Options

  • Tinned conductor available
  • Special stranding
  • Metric lengths and small runs
  • Irradiation cross-linking available
  • XLP/PVC Dual insulations can be made to European specs
  • Various insulation thicknesses can be used for special requirements