Our standard Solar Inverter Cable is stranded copper conductors (ASTM B-8), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated and jacketed in nylon for moisture and sunlight resistance. The paralleled core is covered with an overall black PVC jacket that is gas and oil resistant. The jacket is available in colors. Suitable for use in hazardous locations: Class 1 and 2, Division 2.


Our Solar Inverter Cable is designed and built for industrial applications. This cable is for installation in cable trays or raceways and can be used for power, lighting control, or signaling. Solar Inverter Cable is tough and resistant to the elements, and can be deployed in wet or dry locations and indoors or outdoors. This versatility makes it ideal for multiple applications, including oil, gas, and solar energy systems.


Our Solar Inverter Cable is produced to the following specifications and requirements:

  • ASTM
  • UL 1277
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • ROHS
  • -25°C Rated

Available Products

  • Size #12 AWG
  • Color Code: NEMA WC 57/ICEA S-73-532 Table E-2 or E-1

Custom Options

  • Custom color codes are available upon request
  • Custom printing legends, if required by the customer