Frame & Jumper

Frame & Jumper


A pair of solid, soft-drawn tinned copper conductors, insulated with a solid, semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Used on distributing frames and cross-connecting racks and termination boxes, and for wiring various telephone cabinets.


  • Meets REA specification PE220

Available Products

  • Sizes #24 and #22 AWG
  • 2-6 conductors as needed
  • Up to 12 color options available
  • Various size spools to fit tight spots
  • 5000′ and custom lengths available

Extra Help

In an effort to avoid confusion, we manufacture solid colored conductors for our frame & jumper wire. This means every inch of every length of every conductor is only one color.

Our product shouldn’t be confused with conductors that are, for example, red for 5′ or 6′ followed by a small white band mark. These types of color combinations are found on what’s commonly called “cross-connect” wire.

Sometimes customers call for cross-connect wire – since cross-connect is the majority of the market – but really want frame & jumper wire, and they may not know that frame & jumper has solid colored conductors.


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