RoHS Compliant Made in USA


Single and two conductor copper connecting wire is designed for use in the mining, drilling and blasting industries.

Applicable Standards and Tests:

ASTM B-3 and UL 1581. All products are spark tested at 1500 VAC unless otherwise specified.



The single conductors are solid annealed copper. Insulation: Yellow PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulation. Duplex has a polarity stripe. Rated at 75oC, 600V. Custom colors available upon request. Identification and Packaging: Each box will be marked with the conductor size, type (single or duplex), number of packages (spools) per box, and the package size. Product is available on metal or high impact plastic spools. 1, 2, 5 and 10 lb spools at 50 lbs/box; 2 lb spools at 48 lbs./box are standard. Custom lengths are available by request.

AWGNominal Overall Diameter - Inches (standard strands)Insulation Resistance (megaohms/mft)Nominal DC Resistance OHM/1000 ft @ 20°CApprox. Shipping Weight (feet/lbs.)
20 single.062510.1230
20 duplex.062 x .124510.1115
18 single.07056.4150
18 duplex.070 x .14056.475
16 single.09154.076