Have you ever wondered how safety fits into the overall electrical installation puzzle?

Contractors often work within tight budgets and deadlines, and project delays can significantly impact their bottom line. When questions pop up, they can derail an otherwise smooth project as teams race to find answers as quickly as possible.

Despite all the manufacturers, electrical distributors, contractors, and companies using wire and cable for thousands of installations daily, the industry can feel much smaller for those with firsthand experience.

That’s why when problems arise, having the right experience in your corner makes all the difference.

Hitting the Brakes

An electrical contractor was working through a routine tray cable installation for an industrial project when a local inspector raised several questions about the cable used.

Although the contractor had installed UL-approved tray cable in an approved tray cable system, the local inspector believed the cable could not be used indoors and was not NEC compliant. He also thought the cable tray needed to have a spacer installed.

Time is often of the essence during electrical projects. The electrical contractor quickly escalated the inspector’s concerns to their distributor and master wire and cable partner. After a quick phone call, the decision was made to loop in John Olguin, aka John O, and the Kris-Tech Wire team to help solve the problem.

Digging for Answers

John O responded to the after-hours request and called back in less than 20 minutes.

“Even though Kris-Tech isn’t the largest manufacturer, I think we’re the most responsive,” John O explained. “Having our electrical partners’ trust is paramount to what we do here. Sometimes, it takes extra effort, but we are willingly doing it to ensure success.”

Once the team had the inspector’s list of questions, we dug into the National Electrical Code guidebook and UL certifications to find answers. Later, when the team struggled with a question about fittings, they found other industry experts who could help.

It’s one thing to answer questions promptly, but Kris-Tech is never one to do the bare minimum.

“I gave everyone involved in the process my cell phone number so they could follow up with me whenever they needed to – even after hours,” John O said. “That night, I received an additional call with more questions. We made sure to have all the answers for everyone involved the next morning before 8AM.”

Thanks to Kris-Tech’s quick actions and accessibility, the inspector’s questions were quickly addressed, and the project was back on track with minimal delays.

“Service like this is why I don’t go with the cheapest manufacturer,” the customer explained. “I will pay for continued service for the duration of the project and beyond.”

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Back on Track

Kris-Tech’s timeliness and expertise paid dividends, as it not only got the project moving forward again but built stronger relationships with the electrical contractor, electrical distributor, and master wire and cable partner.

It even resulted in a couple of lunch requests and happy hour invites! 

“Trust is a big thing, and you earn it by doing the right thing every time,” Olguin explained. “When you’ve been in this industry long enough, your name is your brand. Kris-Tech tries to build trusted relationships, and we are committed to excellence, something we’ve been doing for almost 40 years.”

Committed to EVERY Customer

Doing the right thing is instilled in every Kris-Tech employee, spanning every department with a “learn and grow” attitude.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to understand how other pieces of the puzzle fit together,” Olguin said. “Whether it’s reading drawings, understanding the life of contractors in the field, talking with electrical inspectors, or meeting electrical distributors, everyone plays a vital role in the wire installation process.”

Kris-Tech’s commitment to detail and doing the right thing – even when team members aren’t on the clock – keeps projects moving safely and efficiently. The result is better installations capable of performing for decades to come.

“This is why I wanted to work for Kris-Tech,” Olguin quipped. “We don’t just talk about quality – we live it.”

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