At Kris-Tech, we pride ourselves on our customer service — it’s at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s our 30-minute response times or our fast deliveries, we’re always looking for ways to make doing business easier for our customers.

A big part of that is listening to our customers and getting feedback on how we can do things better. So when our distribution partners told us they needed tray cable the ‘Kris-Tech way’ – smaller minimum runs and unique color codes – we took action.

The Problem With Ordering Tray Cable

Tray cable is one of the most commonly used cables in construction — it’s extremely versatile and specified for many industrial applications. However, most cable manufacturers typically require a large minimum order of tray cable — in some cases, 50,000 feet and above.

Industrial Electrical Contractors often need only smaller runs of tray cable, and sometimes with unique color codes. This forces them to purchase extra cable they can’t use for the job at hand — an unwanted expense when margins are already thin. Contractors and procurement managers can sometimes source smaller-sized cable lots that deviate from the specified color code, but then they run the risk of being non-compliant with the project specifications.

The Kris-Tech Family of Tray Cables

To provide our customers with more cost-effective alternatives, Kris-Tech is launching a full line of tray cables, including both VNTC (THHN inner, PVC outer jacket) and XPTC (XLP insulation, PVC outer jacket) options. We will also be offering shielded versions for both configurations.

All Kris-Tech tray cable material is compliant with UL 1277, and our cables have a direct burial rating as per UL. These products also comply with NEC 9.2 and 9.3 standards and carry an ER (Exposed Run) rating.

As with all of our Kris-Tech wire products, we manufacture our tray cables to very high specifications, with safety and performance as our top priorities.

Our tray cables will be available in small runs and a range of color codes based on customer requirements. As with all Kris-Tech wire products, they will be available for expedited shipping.

View our Tray Cable Spec Sheets.

Industrial Applications

Tray cable is often considered as ‘the workhorse cable’ for many industrial projects. Built for installation in cable trays or raceways, it can be used for power, lighting control, or signaling. Tray cable is tough and resistant to the elements and can be deployed in wet or dry locations and indoors or outdoors. It’s this versatility that makes it ideal for a range of industrial applications, including:

Oil and Gas. Extraction and fuel manufacturing facilities are among the harshest industrial environments. Cable must be corrosion-resistant and perform across all temperatures in wet and corrosive conditions.

Wastewater Treatment Plants. Cable must be weather and chemical-resistant.

Pulp and Paper. Paper manufacturing presents a variety of challenging conditions — cable may need to withstand chemicals and solvents or exposure to the elements.

Electrical Co-generation. Electricity may be produced from a range of sources, including natural gas, oil, solar, or hydro. Each type of production creates a unique environment that requires specific tray cable characteristics, as called out by the engineer.

The Kris-Tech Difference

Our new Tray Cable line is just one more way we’re working to make a difference for our customers. Smaller runs, faster shipping, and legendary customer service are just the beginning.

We know that every job is unique, and our customers sometimes require more than just standard stock products. Kris-Tech can customize most aspects of our customer orders, including:

  • Multiple Color Options
  • Wire Stripping
  • Custom Print Legends
  • Non-Standard Lengths
  • Packaging and Labelling Options
  • No Cut or Reel Charge

For more details about the Kris-Tech line of Tray Cables, contact using the form below or by phone at 315-339-5268.

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