Not far from the stadium the Houston Astros call home, a Kris-Tech customer was preparing to launch a brand-new product line for its burgeoning solar division.

Product launches are a big deal under normal circumstances, but amid a global pandemic and jaw-dropping lead times from some wire manufacturers, getting it right can be the difference between success and failure.

It helps to have a partner capable of jumping in quickly to get the job done.

Short Lead Times, High Satisfaction

It seems like an unwritten rule in the wire and cable industry that large jobs often go together with long lead times.

Unfortunately, when every job counts directly toward an installer’s bottom line, product delays hamstring projects, wasting time, labor, and money.

When the wire distributor came to Kris-Tech looking for hundreds of thousands of feet of wire, other manufacturers had already quoted them lead times stretching close to a year. Meanwhile, Kris-Tech quoted the same projects at only 4-5 weeks, and sometimes even less. Short lead times are a lifesaver for projects when time, money, and reputations are on the line.

But it’s one thing to talk the talk. Walking the walk is a different story.

From large job site orders and warehouse stocking requests to one-off custom orders, the Kris-Tech team constantly delivered results with high-quality service, competitive pricing, and lightning-fast lead times compared to other manufacturers.

Accountability and Action

Even the best partnerships sometimes have hiccups, but a good partner takes accountability, addresses the issue, and makes things right.

When the distributor was approached about an incorrect order from one of its purchasers, Kris-Tech jumped in to quickly fix the issue. By being open and honest about the situation, the problem was found, addressed, and corrected without them losing a valued relationship with their buyer.

“We’ve always stood by our products and service, even when things don’t go exactly as planned,” Gulf Coast Regional Sales Leader Stuart Ellerbe explained. “When we heard about an incorrect order, we immediately sprang into action, getting 250,000 feet of wire shipped out the door and to their customer in only a couple of days.”

Despite the tricky situation, Kris-Tech’s track record of being reliable and honest turned a negative moment into a positive learning experience.

“Our customers can trust us to do the right thing every time, and that’s an incredible honor to have,” Ellerbe said. “Every interaction is an opportunity to win or lose someone’s business, and we want to be there alongside our customers every step of the way.”

Learning and Growing Together

Great partnerships are built on a mutual foundation of winning together.

It’s one thing to manufacture and ship products quickly – it’s another to stand by every foot of wire and support distributor partners through every step of the sales process and beyond.

Though Kris-Tech may be one of several vendors a wire or cable distributor works with, the goal is always to be the best partner possible and develop long-lasting relationships every time.

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