Proudly made in USA

Kris-Tech tracer wire connectors provide simple, secure connections for tracer wires and underground splices. With a sealed, corrosion-proof fitting, they offer maximum protection in damp or wet environments.

Kris-Tech Connector Features:

  • Designed specifically for tracer wire & cathodic protection applications
  • Direct burial rated
  • Corrosion-proof and waterproof
  • Pre-filled with non-hardening silicone for maximum protection
  • Simple to install
  • Meets all NEC requirements
New Connectors - Locking

Locking Connectors

Connector - Mainline to Service

Mainline to Service


Pipe Burst – Inline and Three Way


Split Bolt Housing Aqua Connectors


Waterproof, Dielectric, and Corrosion-Proof Connectors