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Kris-Tech Locking Connectors take the guesswork out of connecting tracer wire. With the twist-lock design, all you do is insert the tracer wires and twist the connector 90 degrees to lock it. With no wire stripping required, Kris-Tech locking connectors can significantly reduce your installation time.


Used to connect up to three tracer wires.


  • Twist-lock design with an internal cutting mechanism simplifies connections, keeps wires securely locked, and eliminates wire stripping
  • Clear plastic casing lets you visually confirm that wires are correctly inserted before locking
  • Connectors are waterproof and corrosion-proof to help preserve signal integrity across all connections
  • Each connector incorporates a dielectric sealant inside for additional protection

Available Products and are Gauge Specific

  • Kris-Tech Locking Connector (10 AWG)
  • Kris-Tech Locking Connector (12 AWG)
  • Kris-Tech Locking Connector (14 AWG)

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