Marking Tape

Marking Tape

Kris-Tech’s underground marking tape is available in detectable and non-detectable versions, is manufactured for strength and high visibility, and is APWA color coded to identify different utility types.

Available Products

Non-Detectable Marking Tape

  • Standard. Made with 100% prime resins and heavy metal free pigments, our 4mm non-detectable tape alerts diggers and identifies underground utilities.
  • Super-Stretch. Our 6mm tape is constructed with specialized polymers and is stretch up to 1000%.
  • Woven Reinforced. Our strongest warning tape is 8mm thick, has excellent tensile strength, and is available in red, orange, and yellow.

Detectable Marking Tape

  • Kris-Tech’s three-part laminated, aluminium core detectable marking tape is designed to identify and locate non-metallic lines and utilities. Printing is embedded in the tape to provide a permanent message.

Barricade Tape

  • Kris-Tech’s barricade tape is available with stock legends for a range of construction and industrial applications. Designed to preserve colors and printed messaging, even with prolonged exposure.

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