Kris-Tech Total Tracer Wire Solution

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Proudly made in USA

Kris-Tech’s directional drilling tracer wire is used in conjunction with trenchless installation of underground pipes. It’s typically used when open cut trenching or excavating aren’t the best option. This wire is used for tracing or locating in trenchless applications, whether it is directional drilling, boring, or micro tunneling.

Wire options include stainless steel and copper clad steel and can be ordered in multiple colors, gauges, and spool lengths. These products are available and in stock at all three Kris-Tech warehouse locations.

Preferred Directional Drilling Products Include

Extra High Strength Copper Clad Steel:
Corrosion resistance
Higher breaking/pulling strength
Insulated with High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 45
Colors in accordance with APWA color codes
Works with both non-metallic and metallic underground utilities
Up to 2,785-pound break load (#8)

Stainless Steel:

#10 through #6 AWG stainless steel
Single conductors are 49-strand (7×7) annealed type 304 alloy
Insulated with High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 45
Up to a 3,700-pound break load (#6). Pipe Bursting wire has a 4,700-pound break load

HDD Tracer Wire Green Yellow

CCS Extra High Strength


Stainless Steel