When it comes to ordering wire and cable, no two projects are exactly alike. Every job has different requirements, and circumstances often change throughout the life of the project.

Distributors and contractors looking to stay on-time and on-budget need to consider many factors beyond “price per foot.” However, an essential first step is to choose a wire manufacturer that takes a proactive approach to provide the most effective wiring solution for each project. A top-notch supplier knows what questions to ask, can identify potential pitfalls, and makes recommendations to improve project efficiency and margins.

Optimizing the Delivery

“When and where do you need delivery?” These are the first questions your wire supplier will often ask, and for good reasons. Expedited, long-haul wire shipments can be expensive. If there is stock available locally or you don’t have an immediate delivery requirement, your supplier can help you identify the most practical and cost-effective shipping options.

There are a host of other delivery variables to consider:

  • Does the shipper need to provide a liftgate truck for unloading?
  • Do you need them to call ahead 24 hours before delivery?
  • Should your supplier provide certificates of compliance with the shipment?

Working through these details early in the ordering process can make the difference between a smooth delivery and costly delays.

Watch Out for Tolerances

Many wire and cable manufacturers provide a quote with tolerances — for example, “plus or minus 10%.” That means if you order 1,000 feet of wire, the provider may ship up to 1,100 feet — and you’ll have to pay for the difference.

Because the language concerning tolerances is often buried in the original bid response, customers can face unexpected (and significant) budget over-runs. This can be a heavy blow for construction projects running on tight margins.

At Kris-Tech, we understand that controlling your material costs is central to staying on-budget.

Mind the Cut Charges

Some wire providers also include non-specific terms and conditions in their bid response. For example, they may state that “standard cut charges apply.” If the response doesn’t specify what those charges are and under what circumstances they apply, you could be in for a costly surprise.

Your provider should clearly lay out cut charges and other miscellaneous expenses upfront. This transparency is critical to keeping costs in check.

The Little Things Add Up

Many wire providers can offer options to help your job go smoothly and cut costs. The best ask a lot of questions to ensure you’re leveraging every advantage.

Some of these questions include:

  • Do you need both ends exposed for testing?
  • Do you need special markings or tags on the reels themselves?
  • Do you require multiple color options or non-standard colors?
  • Is a custom print legend needed on the wire?
  • Are non-standard lengths required?
  • Do you need sequential footage on the cable labeled?

Collaboration and Communication

For your wire manufacturer, there’s a lot of coordination needed behind the scenes to provide you with the best possible solution. Often sales, engineering, manufacturing, and shipping all need to coordinate to ensure a smooth delivery.

At Kris-Tech, we take this cross-functional approach to the next level. Our team meets regularly to review bid requirements in detail. We are always looking for ways to improve our bid response, make it more cost-effective for the customer, and eliminate potential “gotchas.”

Proactive communications from your wire provider are also a must. It’s critical to keep customers updated throughout the purchase and delivery process. In the unlikely event there is an issue (e.g., a weather-related shipping delay), you should expect a call from your provider with a plan to prioritize and resolve the problem.

Expect More from Your Wire and Cable Provider

Today, customers and wire manufacturers operate in a rapidly changing environment. Projects are more complex, timeframes are compressed, and shipping and supply-chain issues can create unforeseen challenges.

Whether your project is big or small, there are always ways to optimize your wire and cable purchase and delivery. Your provider should leverage their market knowledge, resources, and experience to ensure your ordering and delivery experiences are trouble-free and cost-effective.

That’s why at Kris-Tech, we focus on what matters to you — industry-best lead times, query responses within 30 minutes, and a highly-trained customer service team committed to your success.

We know our customers don’t just expect it — they count on it.

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