If we compare companies to cars, it would be safe to say that the customer service department is the tires. 

Like how a car’s tires touch the road as it drives, the customer success team is a direct connection between a company and its customers. They know how customers think and feel, whether they like the products, and what improvements to make. 

But where most people think of customer service teams as the glorified complaint department, these teams are critical to helping companies like Kris-Tech grow and thrive. Our customer service team has an incredible number of skills designed to grow our customer base, maintain our brand reputation, and build trusted relationships with every partner we work with – regardless of size. 

Recently, we sat down with Customer Service Leader Jessica Ballesteros to learn more about what drives her team and how they use every conversation as an opportunity to live the KT Way. 

What is the most critical aspect of Customer Service? 

I can’t say any one aspect is more important than any other.  

Customer Service is all about ensuring customers are happy with our product and service. At Kris-Tech, we strive to get every order correct the first time. Our customers expect their orders to be shipped quickly and accurately, and when they aren’t, that we make things right.   

Mistakes happen sometimes. However, we will promptly go above and beyond to correct issues and ensure the customer is satisfied and their project is on track. 

What is the process for resolving customer problems? 

There are two ways to resolve customer complaints. But both always start with us actively listening to our customers! 

The first is when our customers reach out with a complaint about the product we delivered to them. Every customer complaint gets tracked and reported during our stand-up meeting every morning. It helps us bring concerns to the forefront so everyone knows what occurred.  

Complaints get assigned to any department involved in the corrective process. They report back to Sales about how to fix the issue – this helps us provide the best customer service experience to our customers every time. 

The second is where the customer has reached out and said the order they received was incorrect and unusable to them. It could be anything from the wrong print to the wrong color. In those situations, the Sales team will start a case. If the wire has to come back, we will create a sales return order and either a replacement order or a credit, depending on what the customer wants. The Quality team will also inspect it when it returns. 

Depending on what issues make the wire unusable, we get other departments involved. It helps keep everyone aware and working on solutions to fix the problem for future orders. 

How do you apply customer feedback to improve? 

We loop in other departments during our stand-up meeting each morning, whether it’s a customer complaint or an RMA (return merchandise authorization). We provide any documentation from the customer, including feedback from an email or any attached photos.  

Each occurrence is valuable for us because it helps all departments learn and grow with each other and our customers. We can always make sure we are supplying the highest quality material every time.  

Where does employee training fit in? 

Training is always ongoing. There are always moments to learn and grow in our day-to-day duties with new things that pop up as Kris-Tech and our product lines continue to grow.  

When you start at Kris-Tech, you spend your first week going to each department. Basically, employees learn everything from how the Samp produces our base to the dock when the finished product is ready to be shipped out the door. Throughout the year, we engage in refresher training with the different departments, which allows us to constantly stay in the loop and have a better understanding and knowledge of our products. 

How is customer satisfaction measured? 

Customer satisfaction is measured daily, specifically by how we deal with internal and external customers. We gain knowledge while speaking with them and asking open-ended questions. Are they happy with the material? Did it measure up to their expectations? Was their order accurate and on time? 

Satisfaction is measured using the trusted relationships the Sales team takes time to build and maintain with every customer. If there is a customer issue, we’re measured by how quickly everyone at KT jumps into action to correct it. 

Kris-Tech’s Go-To Team 

At the end of the day, Kris-Tech’s CSS team has its hands full with a little bit of everything, but their ability to keep things moving efficiently is second to none.

Referencing our earlier analogy, they’re the tires that keep the car stable, avoid potholes, and add a curb appeal that makes people say wow. They keep orders moving, and if there is a speed bump, they work diligently to navigate and think outside the box with other departments to ensure all orders are out the door on time for our customers. 

So, rest assured the next time you call Kris-Tech, you’ll be in good hands!

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