Kris-Tech Test Stations

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The Kris-Tech Test Station provides a protected, at-grade, and above ground access point for grounding and wire termination, with a direct access point to connect a locating transmitter to the tracer wire system. A two-terminal cover serves as an external ground connection to quickly isolate sections of tracer wire, remove the lid, disconnect and reconnect wires, or move the locating transmitter. A cast iron, single-terminal lid option is also available.


  • Provides direct and secure access to your tracer wire system
  • Protects tracer wire from environmental and accidental damage
  • Integrated magnet lets you locate the test station with a metal detector
  • Tamper-proof, locking cover
  • Anti-corrosion gel protects wires and keeps them corrosion-free
  • Two-terminal lid to externally connect a locating transmitter and turn ground off and on (available single-terminal cover does not incorporate a ground connection)
  • APWA Color-coding provides instant utility identification

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