CCS Stress Relieved


Kris-Tech copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire is installed on all nonmetallic and metallic underground utilities to enable infrastructure location. CCS tracer wire is ideal for trenching, and open cut, when there are no above-ground buildings, roadways, or other obstructions.

Product Description

CCS Stress Relieved is a fully annealed low carbon steel with a stress relieved solid copper-clad steel conductor. Insulated with a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE or HDPE) insulation rated for direct burial use at 30, 600 or 1000 volts.

Color Options

Our tracer wire is manufactured in a range of colors, in conformance with the American Public Works Administration Uniform Color Code. Non-standard colors based on unique customer requirements are also available.

  • Yellow = Natural Gas Lines
  • Blue = Potable Water
  • Green = Sewer Lines
  • Orange = Fiber Optic or Telecommunications
  • Purple = Reclaimed Water, Irrigation, or Slurry Lines
  • Red = Electrical
  • Brown = Application for Brown Insulation
  • Black = Pet Containment Wire, or Other Uses
  • White = Application for White Insulation


  • The corrosion resistance and conductivity of solid copper and the strength of fully annealed high carbon steel
  • Higher breaking strength than copper
  • 11% lighter than solid copper
  • 30, 45 or 60 mil HMWPE or HDPE insulation
  • Bonded metals will not corrode or separate
  • ‘Theft-resistant’ (now aftermarket value) and stable price history compared to solid copper
  • Rated for direct bury
  • Color-coded in accordance with the American Public Works (APWA) standards for utility identification
  • Exclusively manufactured by KrisTech Wire