RoHS Compliant Made in USA


Single conductor copper clad steel, HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) insulated tracer/locator wire. Together with the high strength of steel, the electrical and corrosion resistant properties of copper and the rugged properties of HMWPE this product is suitable for direct burial use in wet and dry locations, designed to carry an electrical signal for use in locating underground non-metallic pipe. Versions available in 30 volt, 600 volt and 1000 volt.

Applicable Standards and Tests:

• ASTM B-227, B-869, B-910/B-910M for Copper Clad Steel
• ASTM D-1248
• ICEA S-70-547
• ICEA S-61-402/NEMA WC5
• ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC70
• UL 83 & UL 1581
• All products are spark tested at 7500 VAC



The single conductors 21% conductivity copper clad steel, dead soft annealed (DSA), stress relieved (SR), high strength (HS) and extra high strength (EHS). Other conductivities and break strengths available by request.


Concentrically applied HMWPE insulation in accordance with UL83. High Density HMWPE is available upon

Identification and Packaging:

Custom and standard print legends are available. 500 ft/spl.packed 4/box, or 2500 feet/spl spools are standard and packaged and labeled with product name, description, AWG, and manufacturer. Custom lengths, non-standard colors, AWG and custom packaging are available by request.

Print Wheel:

Kris-Tech Wire Co. #XX AWG CCS PE Tracer wire direct burial use only – caution communication line below

Value Add Service:

  • Custom lengths and put-ups
  • 12 available colors
  • Wire paralleling and cabling
  • Wire striping
  • Custom print legends and labels
AWGBreaking PoundsBending Radius (inches)Insulation Thickness (Inches)
Nominal Overall Diameter - InchesApprox Shipping Weight (Lbs/Mft)